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                                                                                                   2: Meet the Teacher

                      "Making music has no boundaries and is not determined solely by age, talent, ability, learning style, or by what others may label                                                                                            a limitation. All of my students can make music and have enriched lives because of it. Time spent with my students exploring the                                                                                             world of music and developing their expression of it through the piano is a joy and a privilege: something I love doing so much                                                                                                that I have never considered it work. So let's look inside for our own unique gift of music. Bring it out, dust it off, polish it up and enjoy!" - S.R.

                     Sharon Renkes began her career as a piano instructor in 1987 and is now teaching full-time in a private                                       setting to students ages 5 to adult, beginning through early advanced levels -- from young elementary aged                                   kids, teens, college students and on to adults enjoying retirement. All lessons are private and student focused,                                       using specific teaching materials based on each persons unique learning styles, individual needs and goals.The                                     in-home piano studio is located in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. Free on-street parking is available.

                     Involved in music since childhood, Sharon began piano lessons and public singing at the age of four. Her                                   formal study of piano, organ, brass and voice continued from elementary school to the college level at                                       Ohio Northern University. Classes included music theory, composition, piano, ear training, music history,                                             piano pedagogy and special emphasis on music education for young children. She continues her personal music                                   education through workshops, conferences, discussion groups, attending concerts, professional reading, listening                                 to and enjoying a worldwide variety of music styles, practicing the piano and exploring new music.

                     Professional experiences as a musician include accompanist for public school music groups and soloists, as                                     well as featured musician for large public social events and charity fundraisers. She has long been involved in church                             music, serving as organist/pianist, vocal choir member and soloist, children's choir assistant, as well as brass choir                                 and handbell choir participant. Time spent as a volunteer at the James Cancer Hospital providing live piano music for                             patients, visitors and staff has been especially meaningful.  

                    Prior to teaching piano, Sharon worked as an RN. She decided to change careers in 1983 and returned to                                    school as a music major. For the past 30+ years, Sharon has been teaching piano to children, teens and adults.                                  Students are encouraged to expand their music experience by participating in school bands, orchestras and choirs,                                and often continue making music through college and into their post-graduate lives. Some have even chosen to                                      make music their professional career as music educators, singers, composers, instrumentalists or by working in the                                music industry business. Colleges and Universities that have accepted her former piano students as music majors                                  include The Ohio State University, Capital University, The College of Wooster, Belmont University, and Berklee                                        College of Music.

*Discover & Express the Music in You*

Sharon Renkes Piano Studio

118 East Pacemont Road

Columbus, Ohio 43202

Private Piano Lessons for ages 5 - Adult

Beginning - Early Advanced Levels

Want to meet Sharon & her Pianos?

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