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       Welcome! The Sharon Renkes Piano Studio has been successfully growing music makers in the greater Columbus,                 Ohio area since 1987. Private piano lessons are offered for beginning through early advanced level students, ages                   5 to adult. New students begin their lessons as soon as openings are available in the teaching schedule. Students                     begin with 30 minute lessons, increasing to 45 and 60 minute lessons as they progress.Teaching material is chosen                 for each student and individual lesson plans are developed to meet ability levels, attention spans, and sensory needs.               The studio is open and affirming. Families of all backgrounds are welcome. Adult caregivers may observe their child's               lesson at any time. 





          Fall, Winter & Spring: A specific day and time, recurring weekly, is reserved for each student's private lesson.                        All K-12 students have 33 scheduled lessons between September 1 - May 31. A list of Piano Holidays, when the                    studio is closed, will be posted in the studio and also given to each K-12 student upon enrollment.  

          Summer lessons: Flexible scheduling will allow for camps, sports, vacations and family activities. 


       Studio Policies: Pianos, Missed Lessons, Severe Weather, Illness, Safety First:

         *Students must have an in-tune, acoustic piano in good working condition or a digital piano with 88 fully                                    weighted keys, attached legs or X-stand, pedal and a bench for daily practice.

         *Missed/Cancelled lessons: All lessons cancelled by the teacher will be rescheduled or credited to the student's                      account. Lessons missed or cancelled by the K-12 student or their adult will not receive credit on their account.                          Ask for a reschedule option: Saturday in-person, a Zoom/FaceTime virtual lesson or a weekday lesson swap.  


         *Severe Weather/Canceled School: Most times, lessons continue as scheduled when school is canceled due to                      severe weather. Our winter roads are usually drivable by late afternoon. Plan to come for piano class as usual unless                you receive a message from Sharon that lessons are canceled. Stay home if you feel driving is too risky. A virtual                      Zoom/FaceTime lesson can be arranged.  

         *Illness: If the student is too ill to attend school, please stay home from piano lessons. Give any prescribed antibiotics                for 24 hours before resuming lessons. Masks, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are always available. The teacher              and spouse are fully vaccinated and boostered. If your family has a possible Covid19 exposure, please stay home. A                reschedule option will always be arranged for absences due to illness. 

         *Safety first: When dropping off your child for lessons, please make sure the student is completely inside the front door            of the house before driving away. 


































            All lessons take place in the piano teacher's personal home studio, located in the Clintonville neighborhood of                    Columbus, Ohio. Free on-street parking is available. The studio's learning atmosphere is calm and positive, with                        lesson content focused on each student's individual learning styles, needs and goals using digital and acoustic pianos,              rhythm instruments, music themed games, solo and ensemble playing, singing and body movement. Students learn a              variety of music genres and styles, including that of their own choosing.       


            Sharon Renkes is a Qualified Education Service Provider (QESP #240321) with the Ohio Afterschool Child                              Enrichment (ACE) Educational Savings Account Program.                                    



                  Want to meet Sharon                       and her pianos? 

           Use the form below to connect.            

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   Sharon Renkes Piano Studio

    118 East Pacemont Road

      Columbus, Ohio 43202

     Tuition for 2023-2024

30 min. $115/month ($31 each) 

45 min. $168/month ($46 each)

60 min. $230/month ($61 each) 

       Payment & Fees

September-May lessons are        invoiced in 9 equal payments. 

Summer lessons are billed by the          total number of lessons per month.

Payment is due by the first lesson            of each month. Cash, Zelle e-deposit,        personal checks, debit/credit cards (V,MC,D,AE) are accepted.

New students pay a 1-time Studio            Fee of $50 at 1st billing.

Music supplies are billed as needed.      No refunds are given for tuition, fees        or music when a student withdraws      from the studio.    



                                                   Sharon Renkes Piano Studio

                               Private piano lessons for ages 5-Adult. Beginning -Early Advanced Levels.

                          Qualified Ohio ACE Provider (QESP) with the Ohio Afterschool Child Enrichment (ACE) Program 

                              Personalized lesson plans to meet varying ability levels, attention spans and sensory needs.

                                                                Choose 30, 45, or 60 minute weekly lessons.  

                                        Located in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio since 1987. 


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